Laure Yassine studied Fashion Design at ESMOD. Her passion for fashion drove her to dive into the rich, sparkling world of beaded bags creation Laure initially started designing custom-made creations for her close friends and family. Seeing the potential and high level of satisfaction, Laure then decided to launch her own brand despite the tough competition. This is how Flounder was born. To Laure, having multiple sources of inspiration isthe essential element that makes all the difference. This is why all Flounder's collections are unique and have their own distinctive personality.


Flounder specializes in handmade, customized bags of all sizes and chokers, made of beads & crystals (Swarovski). Our designs and creation last beyond seasonal trends, coupled with our use of high-quality materials and thoroughly tested production techniques, our aim is that every Flounder piece can and will be treasured for many years.